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Subscription Agreement

Updated March 2023

You hereby agree that this Subscription Agreement and Invoice (“Subscription Agreement”), and any services, products or website access provided in connection therewith are governed by Worktop’s Terms of Use (and incorporated agreements and legal documents) (collectively “Terms of Use”) which define Worktop’s and Your responsibilities and obligations and to which You agree to be bound. The Terms of Use may not be altered verbally by either party. You may obtain a copy of the Terms of Use and incorporated documents that govern Your relationship with Worktop by going to or requesting an email copy from Your Customer Support Representative.

Unless otherwise noted in writing, the Subscription commences on the day that You a) agree to the Subscription Agreement and/or the Terms of Use; b) receive a copy of the Subscription Agreement; or c) pay the initial payment due for the Subscription, whichever is earliest and will expire, as provided in the Terms of Use, whether or not You access, use or complete the services You have subscribed to receive. Your Subscription(s) are not cancellable under any circumstances. You will be required to make all payments due regardless of whether You access, use or complete the services that You have subscribed to receive.

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Effective Date January 1, 2017