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Please read these terms of use and the incorporated documents carefully and in their entirety before continuing to use the website. By accessing and continuing to use the website and related services you agree to be bound by these terms of use (as may be modified from time to time) as set forth below.

These terms and conditions of use constitute a binding agreement between you and Worktop, LLC ("Worktop").

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Security Policy

Updated March 2023

Please read this security policy carefully and in its entirety before continuing to use Worktop’s website and services. By accessing and continuing to use the website and related services you agree to be bound by this security policy (as may be modified from time to time) as set forth below.

General Terms

Security of data, software and hardware connected to the Internet are matters of concern for You and Worktop, LLC d/b/a Worktop (“Worktop”). This Security Policy provides information regarding Worktop’s reasonable efforts concerning security of the Worktop Website and related services, and Your security obligations, as a User, Subscriber or both, in regard thereto. This Security Policy is incorporated into, part of and is subject to Worktop’s Terms and Conditions of Use (“Terms of Use”). All terms defined in the Terms of Use shall have the same meaning when used in this Privacy Policy as provided in the Terms of Use.

As a User or Subscriber or both, You may have a unique User name, Password and/or other account information. At all times, You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your unique User name, Password and account information and are fully responsible for all conduct carried out under Your User name and Password and/or through Your account. Worktop is not liable for any loss of confidentiality or for any damages that result from Your failure to protect Your User name and Password or other account information and/or as a result of any breach of this Security Policy by You or anyone using Your User name and Password or other account information with Your authorization. You will promptly report any unauthorized use of your password to us.

As a User or Subscriber or both, You and/or Your authorized agents are prohibited from violating or attempting to violate the security of the Website, by (a) accessing information not intended for such or logging onto a server or an account which You are not authorized to access; (b) attempting to probe, scan or test the vulnerability of a system or network or to breach security or authentication measures without proper authorization; (c) attempting to interfere with service to any User, Subscriber, host or network, including but not limited to, submitting any malware, virus to the Website, overloading, “flooding,” “spamming,” “mail-bombing” or “crashing” or other malicious or illegal act of any description. As a User or Subscriber or both, You and/or Your authorized agents shall not use any device, software, script or routine to interfere or attempt to interfere with the proper working of Website or any activity being conducted on the Website. You and/or Your authorized agents shall not use or attempt to use any engine, software, tool, agent or other device or mechanism (including without limitation browsers, spiders, robots, avatars or intelligent agents) to navigate or search the Website, other than the search engine and search agents available from Worktop and other generally-available third-party web browsers (for example, Netscape Navigator, Microsoft Explorer).

You understand and agree that, for security purposes and to ensure that the Website remains available, all network traffic is monitored to identify any unauthorized activity, attempt to upload or change information, or otherwise interfere with the Website, cause damage or conduct criminal activity. To protect the Website from unauthorized use and to ensure that the Website and the Worktop Systems are functioning properly, all activity is monitored and recorded by authorized personnel. By accessing or using the Website or the Worktop Systems, You expressly consent to such monitoring and acknowledge that if such monitoring reveals evidence of possible abuse or criminal activity, Worktop may provide the results of such monitoring to the appropriate government officials. If Worktop’s sole discretion, it appears that You or Your authorized agent have violated this Security Policy or acted in any way that is interferes with the functioning of the Website, Systems or another’s lawful access and use thereof, Worktop may take any action it deems appropriate to prevent further interference, including but not limited to immediate suspension and/or cancellation of Your access to the Website and/or Services in connection therewith.

Violations of the Website’s or Systems’ security may result in civil or criminal liability. Worktop will investigate occurrences that may involve such violations and will cooperate with law enforcement authorities in prosecuting any individual or entity involved in such violations.

Indemnification of Worktop

As a condition of accessing the Website and/or using the Marketing Services, You agree to fully indemnify and hold Worktop completely harmless against any and all claims, suits, demands, penalties, fines and costs of any description that arise from, are caused by or are in any way related to your breach of Your obligations and representations, as more fully set forth in the Terms or Use.

Version 1

Effective Date April 9, 2017