About Calvin Alden

Hey! I’m Calvin Alden.

I’m a marketing guru with a passion for helping others succeed. SEO caught my interest back in college when I realized its broad scope of application. Americans are completely addicted to the internet! I don’t care if you’re selling hotel rooms in Las Vegas or flower seeds in Vermont, just about every business in the world can benefit from increased web visibility.

When I’m not working on SEO, you can catch me in the early hours of the morning lifting weights, sifting through my fantasy football free agency, or planning my next adventure.

Oh, there’s also a story about the roots of the business…

My Story Before Becoming an SEO

I graduated from Arizona State University with a business degree in marketing.

With the entrepreneurial mindset, I set out to learn the skills I was missing to one day launch my own company.

My first corporate experience started at a social media marketing company in Scottsdale. From there, I moved into a managerial role for a business intelligence agency selling reverse IP tracking in the B2B space. Here’s what I learned from working 2 years the corporate world:

  1. Customer Service is #1– I saw clients receive the corporate treatment time after time to their dismay. When I started my company, it was extremely important to me for the clients to come first, no matter what.
  2. Time Management– “The billionaire and the beggar both have 24 hours in a day.” It’s always in your power to choose where to allocate your time. If you plan your day around the most important tasks, life gets a lot easier.
  3. Positivity is contagious– I found that creating a positive environment for the people around me always led to better days and better results within each company.

Two years later, I realized the only thing holding me back was not my knowledge or skillset, there just felt like no time! I collaborated with my partner Austin, who was also working at the time, and we set out to craft an SEO company that would perform atop our elite competitors, with the perks of a small agency.

Enter: The 17 hour day.

We spent about 6 months of our lives in the cycle of SEO>Corporate>Sleep>Repeat to develop a marketing company different from the field.

Built around the epitome of discipline and dedication, the Phoenix SEO Lab was created and is a results-driven agency with the best customer service in the SEO space.

Still Have Questions?

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