About Austin Langdon

Hey! My name is Austin.

I am an SEO.

Well, there’s a bit more to me than that, but as a profession and passion, I’m a full-blown Search Engine Optimization specialist. I earn 100% of my income from SEO-focused endeavors, including client ranking, lead generation, affiliate marketing, as well as SEO services. I’m also a self taught web developer that uses technologies such as WordPress, AngularJS, Laravel, and Node.js.

In case you’d like to hear my story, read on…

My Career before Becoming an SEO

I graduated from Arizona State University with a business degree in Supply Chain Management.

I’ve always been interested in business, but I’m extremely passionate about technology. Yep, I’m somewhat of a nerd. And I’m always leveraging my technical skillset to help me and my clients be more efficient in business.

My career started at age 10, as a “helper” for my fathers cabinetry business. Responsibilities included running parts back and forth from the truck and cleaning new cabinets. Boy did I learn the true meaning of hard work.

By age 15, I had made my first $100 online by creating a YouTube sales funnel for a popular affiliate offer at the time.

My first corporate experience started when I landed a internship while in college. I went on to graduate and work for two Fortune 50 companies for the next 5 years. I was a sponge. And I learned some important skills from the corporate world, which without-a-doubt benefit me today.

  1. How to be successful – Both companies we’re extremely data driven and used metrics for everything… “What gets measured gets managed.”
  2. How to work efficiently – There was always so much work, that unless you learned to be quick and efficient, you’d be dead in a week.
  3. Customer service –I worked directly with the customers on their projects – managing anywhere from 5-15 customers at a time.

It didn’t take long before I started experimenting with SEO every night when I got home from work. My late night projects were my first glimpse into the power of SEO. I was hooked. And I spent the next 9 months learning SEO.

Eventually, my SEO skills leveled up and I had ranked 2 businesses website’s on the first page. At that point, the service was proven. I left my corporate job and started Worktop with my co-founder, Calvin.

Still Have Questions?
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